VR Arcade Spotlight: SpringboardVR

Jason RheeArcades, VRS Spotlight


Content distribution strategies have become the topic of discussion in both the virtual reality industry as a whole and the location-based virtual reality entertainment sector (LBVRE). Developers use distribution platform to gain exposure and create a monetization strategy while users can access an aggregation of content. SpringboardVR has capitalized on this opportunity in the LBVRE space with their VR Arcade … Read More

VR Arcade Spotlight: VR Junkies

Jason RheeArcades, VRS Spotlight

vr junkies

VR arcades are a collection of virtual reality hardware and software for customers to engage in immersive content at a commercial location. Unlike traditional arcades, VR arcades are not limited to only gaming content as some establishments host cinematic experiences along with the more interactive experiences. Public exposure for virtual reality content is crucial for adoption and VR arcades create … Read More

VR Arcade Spotlight: Virtuix Omni

Jason RheeArcades, VRS Spotlight


Mobility in virtual reality is a factor in the users’ experience that can make or break a location-based entertainment venue. Without enough space, the player faces the risk of tripping over wires and running into walls or feeling too congested in the given space. Virtuix Omni has developed a solution to prevent those limitations. Operating out of Austin, Texas, Virtuix … Read More