xRS Week 2019 Sponsor - Microsoft
​Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

xRS Week 2019 Sponsor - Sixense
Sixense Enterprises Inc. is a leading developer of immersive computing solutions for companies across industries, including healthcare, training, retail, and entertainment. Our team leverages years of experience in virtual and augmented reality to create a powerful competitive advantage for our customers and partners. The Sixense Full-Presence System is a turnkey VR/AR solution that enables companies to develop and commercialize products that improve lives.

xRS Week 2019 Sponsor - Varjo
​Varjo is the maker of photorealistic mixed reality devices. Varjo’s products are made for engineers, researchers and designers who want to build state-of-the-art XR experiences and simulations.

xRS Week 2019 Sponsor - Pico
​Pico is a VR company committed to combining precision optics, immersive video and sound with fine industrial design.

xRS Week 2019 Sponsor - Varwin
Varwin Reality Management System is a platform for creating virtual reality projects. Optimize your VR development, create more and for less.

xRS Week 2019 Sponsor - Blend Media
Blend is a leading 360˚ VR video solution for Brands, Agencies and Publishers.

xRS Week 2019 Sponsor - Keyframe
​Keyframe Entertainment creates campaigns and events at the intersection of electronic music, regenerative culture and VR.

Industry & Media Partners

xRS Week 2019 Partner - Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance
xRS Week 2019 Partner - Virtual World Society
xRS Week 2019 Partner - VirtualReality WorldTech
xRS Week 2019 Partner - Yivian VR
xRS Week 2019 Partner - VRPinea
xRS Week 2019 Partner - The Digital Entertainment Group
xRS Week 2019 Partner - 80.lv
xRS Week 2019 Partner - VR/AR Association
xRS Week 2019 Partner - AR Insider
xRS Week 2019 Partner - Virtual Reality Reporter

xRS Week 2019 Partner - Virtual World Arcade
xRS Week 2019 Partner - C114
xRS Week 2019 Partner - Khronos Group
xRS Week 2019 Partner - AR Post

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xRS Week 2019 Sponsor - Greenlight Insights
​Greenlight Insights provides proprietary market research, consulting, and events about the future of virtual and augmented reality.

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