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As virtual and augmented reality becomes more affordable and quality improves, medical professionals, administrators, regulators, insurance companies, and investors are looking hard at the technology. Showing promise in many areas, including psychotherapy, pain reduction, surgical planning, and palliative care, VR and AR both offer new options for medical professionals.

To address the need for strategic information on the benefits and challenges of virtual and augmented reality in medical practice, Greenlight Insights has added the Healthcare Summit to xRS Week.

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Keynote Speakers

Dr. Walter Greenleaf
Stanford University

Walter Greenleaf, PhD is a research neuroscientist and medical product developer working at Stanford University. Walter is known internationally as an early pioneer in digital medicine and virtual environment technology. With over three decades of research and product development experience in the field of medical virtual reality technology, Walter is considered a leading authority in the field.

Dr. Skip Rizzo
USC Institute of Creative Technologies

Psychologist Skip Rizzo conducts research on the design, development and evaluation of virtual reality systems targeting the areas of clinical assessment, treatment rehabilitation and resilience. This work spans the domains of psychological, cognitive and motor functioning in both healthy and clinical populations. Rizzo is the associate director for medical virtual reality at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.