Sponsor Spotlight: Ultrahaptics

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To truly immerse a user into a virtual space and augment the space they currently occupy, a sense of physicality with the experience is essential. Haptic technology culminates real-world inputs as a source of feedback between user and experience. Gesture recognition extends past gaming, sectors experimenting with haptics include in-home use, automotive, and product design. Founded in 2013, Ultrahaptics began … Read More

Top 5 Challenges Facing VR Arcade Owners

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Top 5 Challenges Facing VR Arcade Owners

Business Models – How each of the businesses operate and make revenue (Mall kiosk, Mall storefront, tourist attraction, destination location + café/arcade/laser tag, warehouse-scale VR Arcade, theme park) Capital requirements – How much initial investment and monthly recurring expenses Team skill and background requirements – Skills and backgrounds your team needs (entertainment, sales, marketing, technical, business, finance) Location and throughput … Read More

Announcement: VR Arcade Summit 2017

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VR Arcade

One-Day Intensive Event Offers Educational Sessions, Industry-Specific Training, and Networking September 14, 2017 –The global location-based virtual reality community will gather at VR Arcade Summit 2017 October 26 in San Francisco, California for a day of industry presentations, strategy workshops, and networking focused on accelerating the strategy development, technology partnerships, and content deals for the out-of-home VR market. The VR … Read More