VR Arcade Spotlight: Virtuix Omni

Jason RheeArcades, VRS Spotlight


Mobility in virtual reality is a factor in the users’ experience that can make or break a location-based entertainment venue. Without enough space, the player faces the risk of tripping over wires and running into walls or feeling too congested in the given space. Virtuix Omni has developed a solution to prevent those limitations. Operating out of Austin, Texas, Virtuix … Read More

VR Arcade Spotlight: LuckyHammers

Jason RheeArcades, VRS Spotlight


Location-based virtual reality entertainment (LBVRE) has been a hot sector of the industry this year. Will the openings of the IMAX theater and recent investment from AMC Theaters, 2018 is being teed up for another year of growth in LBVRE. Greenlight Insights noted in their recent LBVRE Market Report that while there are thousands of virtual reality applications being developed … Read More

What’s Really Happening with VR Arcades?

Greenlight InsightsArcades, News

Today we are opening the annual Virtual Reality Arcade IQ survey, which is fielded multiple times during the year with hundreds of VR technology providers, arcade and venue operators, and studio professionals worldwide in an effort to better understand the health and habits of organizations producing, adopting and investing in location-based virtual reality games, films and media. This survey provides proprietary industry- and … Read More

Starbreeze Opening VR Center in Dubai

Alexis MacklinArcades, News

Starbreeze is expanding its location-based VR reach to Dubai. Enterspace and Starbreeze Studios have partnered with the United Arab Emirates-based company to open the center. Enterspace, an LBE VR company owned by Starbreeze, will run operations and installations while Starbreeze Studios will be responsible for content. Starbreeze acquired Enterspace earlier this year for 2 million Euros. The company already has two VR centers … Read More