Sponsor Spotlight: WeLens

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Based in San Francisco, WeLens has been committed to delivering efficient solutions for facilitating virtual reality screenings. In efforts to provide a more communal environment for VR applications, the company has developed a service called LensPass which allows one piece of content to be streamed in a VR screening to all devices at one time. The social aspect of WeLens’ services allows clients to engage in immersive content together without expending operational maintenance and service for each headset.

Headset adoption is growing with consumers and in the enterprise – In their 2017 VR Industry Report, Greenlight Insights’ noted that headsets will account for $43.4 billion of total revenue in 2021. With a growing market of head-mounted displays (HMDs), streamlined screening services will need to match the content efficiently i.e. training a group of employees using the same VR application. This efficiency will cut costs and time spent on facilitating group experiences with one showing.

Devices need to be manually setup one at a time, there’s no way to control and track devices, and the result is chaos, stress, and elevated tech support costs.

We’ve seen our customers discovering that immersive content is a truly powerful storytelling tool, and not just a novelty. We believe that improving the communal aspects of mobile VR and other personal display technology is a critical part of the emerging media landscape where lenses will start to gradually replace other screens.

James Levy, Founder and CEO

LensPass is available as a subscription service that allows users to assign screenings to any number of mobile VR devices. Early users of LensPass have included top marketing agencies, media brands, VR production houses, and major theme parks across the country. WeLens will be hosting a virtual reality theater with LensPass on October 25th at the conference. 

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