Sponsor Spotlight: Kaon Interactive

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The current state of B2B marketing and sales solutions are time-consuming and expensive projects to take on. Virtual and augmented reality has allowed businesses to shorten this process in cost-efficient ways. Immersive technologies establish a connection between customer and product that is unprecedented. With the focus on efficient enterprise solutions for major hardware manufacturers like Oculus, there will be high growth potential for B2B marketing and sales visualization solutions to flourish.

Boston-based, Kaon Interactive, offers B2B marketing and sales solutions for both virtual and augmented reality. Kaon VR immerses users in a digitally simulated environment that allows them to configure the space and equipment in real time to meet their specific needs. Kaon AR gives customers a real representation of the product to see how it will fit in a given space. Kaon’s VR/AR solutions emphasize a deeper customer-product connection by providing customizable experiences for users to adjust and test their products in real-time.

When we use innovative marketing platforms to connect with prospects and customers on an emotional level, we transcend the traditional marketing and sales relationships and cultivate customers who are enthusiastic about what our solutions will do for them.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are facilitating these immersive experiences for B2B marketers, amplifying their customers’ receptiveness to key value propositions across the entire customer lifecycle. There is no greater accomplishment in marketing.

Kaon Interactive

Gavin Finn


Gavin Finn will discuss challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned when navigating VR B2B marketing during the Benefits & Challenges for B2B Marketers Using AR/VR Technology session on October 26th.

Kaon Interactive will also demo their B2B VR/AR marketing & sales technology during the Solutions Showcase Expo.