VR Arcade Spotlight: LuckyHammers

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Location-based virtual reality entertainment (LBVRE) has been a hot sector of the industry this year. Will the openings of the IMAX theater and recent investment from AMC Theaters, 2018 is being teed up for another year of growth in LBVRE. Greenlight Insights noted in their recent LBVRE Market Report that while there are thousands of virtual reality applications being developed for at-home, there is a hole in the market for LBVRE-tailored content. Content creators will be the pathfinders for successful, immersive out-of-home experiences.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, LuckyHammers has emerged as a leading game studio for location-based virtual reality content. The company is a partner of Starbreeze Studios and StarVR with their upcoming game, APE-X VR, an original IP with exclusivity to the platform. Lucky Hammers has initiated the beginning of a growing market for experiences tailored to location-based entertainment. With their focus on fully leveraging the immersive technologies, the company sets its sights on setting industry benchmarks for innovative and creative LBVRE applications.

Our imagination enables mankind to travel through space and time; unlocking unprecedented ways to access, interact with and acquire knowledge. Location based VR is the gateway we have all been waiting for as home application will always keep the general public away from the real deal: especially when it come to room scale VR and its upcoming multiplayer arena proposition.

lucky hammers

Marc-Antoine Pinard


Marc-Antoine Pinard will be speaking on the Winning Development Strategies for High-Quality Content panel with Baobab Studios and Subdream studios to discuss the importance of multiplayer and social experiences.

Lucky Hammers will also be showcasing their LBVRE content in the VR Arcade Summit Demo Room on October 26th.