VR Arcade Spotlight: VR Junkies

Jason RheeArcades, VRS Spotlight

vr junkies

VR arcades are a collection of virtual reality hardware and software for customers to engage in immersive content at a commercial location. Unlike traditional arcades, VR arcades are not limited to only gaming content as some establishments host cinematic experiences along with the more interactive experiences. Public exposure for virtual reality content is crucial for adoption and VR arcades create that accessibility to get headsets on users.

With 10 arcades in the United States and Canada, VR Junkies is a leader in the VR arcade market and looks to push more commercial establishments across the country. The company’s current arcades host booths that provide the required space for customers to utilize room-scale technology for more immersive experiences. Most of VR Junkies’ arcades are located in malls – it has been noted in Greenlight Insights’ LBVRE Market Report that foot traffic will be a driver in the success of the sector. The reach of the arcades is large, but with more social content being released, there is still opportunities to make the establishments multiplayer friendly.

CEO and founder, McKay Christensen, will be joining Starbreeze Studios, Zero Latency, AiSolve, and Virtual World Arcade for the Best Practices for Launching a Successful VR Arcade Business panel. Learn the working business models to start and run a profitable VR Arcade business at the VR Arcade Summit.

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