VR Arcade Spotlight: SpringboardVR

Jason RheeArcades, VRS Spotlight


Content distribution strategies have become the topic of discussion in both the virtual reality industry as a whole and the location-based virtual reality entertainment sector (LBVRE). Developers use distribution platform to gain exposure and create a monetization strategy while users can access an aggregation of content. SpringboardVR has capitalized on this opportunity in the LBVRE space with their VR Arcade management software.

Operating out of Oklahoma City, SpringboardVR has revolutionized the way developers can monetize their content. By offering a customizable payment system, content creators have the freedom to set their prices and determine their collection methods in a centralized platform. Many VR Arcades have established a pay-per-time-period payment plan for their visitors – SpringboardVR gives arcade operators accessibility with user analytics. VR Arcade visitors are given a fluid navigation system so they do not need to remove the headset to change titles or request assistance.

Monetization strategies are crucial for retaining high-quality developers in the virtual reality industry – without a reliable ROI, many developers will close shop. Distribution platforms like SpringboardVR bring a promising solution to monetization efforts that provides value to both the content creator and venue operator.

What an exciting time to be a pioneer.  VR will ultimately impact every area of our lives.  The importance of LBVRE cannot be overstated in the role it plays to create overall awareness and adoption of VR.  We work closely with our fellow pioneers to find solutions to maximize the efficiency and profitability of LBVRE – for both operators and developers.


Brad Scoggin


SpringboardVR will be showcasing their VR Arcade management software during the VR Arcade Summit Expo on October 26th.