VR Arcade Spotlight: Phasespace

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In order to simulate a virtual experience convincingly, tracking technology needs to be as fluid and accurate as possible. Positional tracking is crucial for the comfort and enjoyment of the user as movements need to reflect the user’s input to reduce the risk of malfunction. Challenges arise with the current landscape of head-mounted displays’ cable setups.

Successful user experiences in the location-based entertainment venues rely heavily on the convenience of setup and use without needing an operator to make adjustments. Operating out of San Leandro, CA, Phasespace has developed a tracking system that eliminates the need for object-oriented trackers by using active LED markers. Various lighting situations are not a concern for the markers’ tracking capabilities, making the motion capture accessible to use in any given area. Phasespace’s emphasis on reducing calibration and setup time creates a fluid workflow for the venue operator while keeping the user fully immersed in their experience.

Use cases with Phasespace’s LED markers extend beyond gaming in location-based entertainment functions – education and training are sectors of VR/AR that push growth and innovation in the industry as a whole. Students can be exposed to their geospatial awareness while in the virtual environment that can help one learn in more dynamic and experiential ways. On the enterprise side, employers can simulate an on-job scenario to best prepare their employee’s skills and awareness for solutions in a cost-efficient way.

Phasespace is a proud sponsor of the 2017 VR Arcade Summit on October 26th.