Sponsor Spotlight: Go Touch VR

Jason RheeVRS Spotlight

go touch vr

Haptic technology has become a growing sector of the technology landscape for virtual and augmented reality technologies. The ability to incorporate real-world inputs from the user truly immerses them into the virtual application. High growth opportunities are present as the market for haptic devices is vast with different solutions for bringing the user’s hands into the experience.

Lille, France-based, Go Touch VR, has developed a wireless haptic device creating a real contact under the user’s finger with their flagship product, the VR Touch. The company’s input solution does not just rely a sensation to the hand, but an illustration of touching an object. The device is practical for entertainment, 3D design, and virtual desktops among other use cases. Scalability is at the forefront of the design – the ring-shaped body allows users to carry up to 10 VR Touches for optimal use.

Precise input recognition is essential for fully immersive experiences with virtual and augmented reality content. Go Touch VR pushes the envelope on how users can engage with digital objects and play into the respective scenario. In order to drive growth with haptic devices, content creators will need to follow suit – giving users a reason to utilize the emerging technology.

Go Touch VR will be showcasing their device, VR Touch, at VRS 2017 during the Solution Showcase Expo on October 25th.