Sponsor Spotlight: VRGineers

Jason RheeNews, VRS Spotlight


Enterprises are working with virtual reality for training, design and testing purposes. VR applications have already been shown to cut costs and save time for enterprises, while providing effective solutions. According to Greenlight Insights’ 2017 VR Industry Report, enterprise Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) are projected to reach over $5.3 million in total revenue

A leading application for enterprise training in VR is a customizable, 5K headset developed by VRGineers, an enterprise headset manufacturer based in Prague, Czech Republic. The headset — branded “VR Hero” — has been used for designing, prototyping and training purposes in various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, architecture, and manufacturing sectors.


Source: vrgineers.com

VRGineers is planning to extend the uses for its headsets via joint ventures with Quanti, a custom hardware/software developer, and Etnera, a digital advisory group.

The company VRGineers will be hosting demos for the VRHero at VRS 2017 during the Solutions Showcase.

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