Attend the Strategy Roundtable: VR in China

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During this week’s Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016, Greenlight Insights will organize an interactive executive roundtable discussion, bringing together industry leaders to discuss key business trends, catalysts and challenges of the VR/AR market in China. The Strategy Roundtable will traverse topics from a macro perspective, drilling down into specific areas of interest, including China vs US Ecosystem Comparison; How to Partner with China; China’s Complex Hardware Landscape; and Unique Distribution and Monetization Challenges and Opportunities in China. Attendees will gain a fresh perspective on these important topics by joining this intimate discussion.

Participants in the Roundtable will feature:

  • Huang Wei, Chief Strategy Officer, 3Glasses
  • Professor Zhai Zhenming, Director of HCI Lab, Sun Yat-Sen University
  • Toby Zhang, Partner, Youku Global Media Fund


The session will be facilitated by Eddie Lou, Managing Director of Greenlight Insights. The 30-minute session will be a lively interaction that is guaranteed to both educate and challenge VRS 2016 attendees and bring to light myriad useable strategies.

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